The thoughts and opinions herein are my own. Although a few of my writings are original, mostly I feel responsible for the ways in which I misunderstand and mangle the ideas of other people far smarter than I.

Hello, I’m Jim Nielsen. Let me tell you a bit about my approach to blogging at the moment.

In the past, I frequently put off writing blog posts because I found myself unable to put forth my best effort in writing—that attitude of “if you can’t do something right, don’t do it at all”—but lately I’ve found myself regretting not writing at least something.

This is the lens through which I’ve come to view my blog posts these days, like a lax journal.

I have all these ambitions to write but then I don’t. Now I’ve arrived at this point of thinking “well something is better than nothing”. So, many of the posts on my blog are me just trying to write something down before I forget it all. I’ve found I enjoy the nostalgia of going back after a year and being like “oh yeah, that thing”. Like a nostalgic photograph.

On this blog, I sometimes don’t take the effort I should to craft what I’m writing so by the end of the post I feel like “well I’ll just publish it and maybe come back and do more proof reads” but at that point I know I’m just lying to myself by saying that.

But hey, like I said, these days I’m aiming for my some of my posts to merely be like a bad journal entry.

— Jim (version of myself on April 16, 2018)

Portrait of Jim Nielsen