“That’s Another Podcast”

I’ve long been a fan of the Rich Ziade / Paul Ford podcast duo. They did Track Changes then The Postlight Podcast then The Aboard Podcast then Ziade+Ford, and now (again?) The Aboard Podcast.

Through all my listening, one thing I’ve noticed is that they often make comedic observations about something that could easily derail the conversation but then they avoid the tangent by saying, “but that’s another podcast.”

The funny thing is: the topic they’re trying to avoid is precisely something I’d love to hear them talk about. So I’m bringing receipts.

Rich, Paul, here are some podcast topics you said you’d get back to one day.

Google’s Ability to Spy On Every Aspect of Your Life

Paul: If I search “Park Slope apartment, two bedroom,” it’s very likely that two bedroom apartments will show up at the top of the search results...And the reason that is happening isn’t because Google has this amazing ability to spy and investigate every aspect of your life. It does have that, but we’ll put that aside.

Rich: [That’s] a different podcast.


VCs Give You Money and Encourage You to Light It on Fire by Referring to Its Use as “Burn”

Rich: I wanna talk on another podcast about how you think about burn. They call it burn, which is hilarious.


Marketing “Experts”

Paul: You know, I’ve met a lot of people in marketing. I don’t know if there are marketing experts.

Rich: That is a different podcast.


SaSS For Familial Dysfunction

Paul: I’m using [Aboard] right now to organize the TV shows that my family wants to watch because we fight so much about the TV shows.

Rich: Sounds like there are underlying issues there, but that’s not what this podcast is about.

Paul: Do that. We’ll do another podcast.


Our Dear Old Friend, Newegg

Rich: Frankly, I think they should shut down Newegg just because of its UI, but that’s a separate podcast

Paul: Sometimes you just need a good network attached storage device, and that’s [Newegg]


Get Your Praise Where You Can

Rich: [The support lady at the Apple Store asked me] “Did you back up [your phone]?” I’m like, “Of course I have my phone backing up like every night. It’s all good.” She gave me a medal [for that]. She gave me a blue ribbon on my forehead by the time I left.

Paul: That’s probably the most praise you’ve received in like 36 months.

Rich: It’s been a long time. That’s separate. That’s not this podcast.