Sketch Design Challenge: App Icons

Being a self-professed connoisseur of app icons, the recent sketchDesignChallenge on Twitter got me admiring all the beautiful app icons folks were making.

I decided to collect a few of my favs and throw them into a picture blog post. Enjoy!

Mila Shovkoplias has lovely depth and color in this airplane.

Blue app icon with a white airplane in an almost skeumorphic realism.

Bas van der Ploeg has me admiring that drill bit!

Two app icons with a realistic silver, reflective drill bit poised at an angle and jutting out over the edges of the icon.

Michel Flarup will never let you down with a great beer icon.

A realistic, frothing glass of beer overlaying an purple-to-blue gradient squircle.

ulaĹź has a dreamy blueprint style for type designers.

App icon in the style of a blueprint with the letter “A” overlaid with a pencil/stylus.

Nick throwing back to skeuomorphism with this incredibly cute, mini gold iPhone.

A gold iPhone shrunk down to the form of a square icon with the lock screen lit up.

Alecea positively overwhelms with the pink in this Instax camera reproduction.

Instax camera reproduced in the form of an icon.

Alecea also intrigues with this novel bag idea.

Shopping bag icon with items bouncing out the top.

Gavin taking your breath away with a stunning, iridescent pearl.

Icon with a shining white pearl in the middle.

Vidit carrying on the tradition of a stunning camera lens concept.

Camera icon with a zoom lens in the middle.

Josh communicating movement perfectly with this beta Test Flight icon.

Blueprint-style icon with the outline of a woman walking in the middle.

Abbas making technicolor hot again.

TV icon with a striped rainbow of colors displayed on screen.

Denys sporting the AirPods.

Digital reproduction of an airpods case with a cute happy face to anthropomorphize it.

And lastly, a number of icon entries from Scott (@bulldog5278) — I’ll leave them here for your review.

App icon in the form of a Ferrari rim with the words “Life in the fast lane” above it.

Sketch diamond icon but in gray.

Camera and lens icon in black and gray, with small turqoise flare in the lens.

Circuit board icon resembling a piece of computer hardware.