My Guest Appearance on ShopTalkShow #504

I’ve been a big fan of ShopTalkShow since about 2015. The Chris/Dave dynamic is fun and practical. If you ever feel like you’re falling behind on the web tech scene, listen to Chris and Dave each week and I think they’ll make you feel better. They’re experts at building on the web, they’ve been doing it a long time, and even they are often flummoxed by everything that’s going on. I find them reassuring (and comical).

Anyhow, that’s all to say I am super happy to appear on the show as a guest. We shoot the breeze for an hour on all kinds of topics, including: The iOS App Icon Book, digital archival, evergreen and not-so-evergreen browsers, blogging workflows, CSS4 colors, and more.

I even posed a question or two to the group, some more academic than practical. Like how to think about all these new colors we’re getting in CSS. I’m a bit cerebral so I could talk for hours and hours about purely academic topics like this, never get to a resolution, and feel satisfied. Chris was as practical as ever with his advice, while I feel Dave tried to find the middle ground between my theoretical purity thinking and Chris’ “just build websites” practicality. This ultimately left Dave with a feeling we all have at one point or another building on the web:

[Chris] I hate to burst your bubble, but what your brain wants right now is some general guidelines on what to use and you're just not going to get them.

[Dave] Fine. Burn it all down.

Go check it out: ShopTalkShow #504.