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Notes from Fluent Conference

I recently attended Fluent Conference 2017 in San Jose. Like a good student, I took notes during the sessions and am posting them here.

Cory House: “Build a JavaScript development environment”

Michael North: “Locking it down: A security primer for web developers”

Nicole Chung: “Async in JavaScript and readability in Redux”

Jeremy Fairbank: “Tame the frontend with Elm”

Note: this was the most interesting talk I attended at Fluent. Just throwing that out there.

Elijah Manor: “NPM Scripts as your build tool”

I took some notes back in April on this subject via an egghead.io course which was created by the speaker himself. So this talk was a refresher, but nonetheless still very interesting.

Miguel Grinberg: “Handling authentication secrets in the browser”

Danielle Man: “Schema-first development with GraphQL”

David Wells: “Creating a scalable, secure, offline-first, dynamic (static) website with React and server less architecture”

Ben Vinegar: “Source maps demystified”