A Logo Is an Image, The Image of a Company

The following passage is an excerpt that has been rewritten and repurposed from a magazine advertisement by Westinghouse Electric in 1963 describing symbols.

A logo is a an image. It is a symbol, a sign, an emblem, an escutcheon ...an image.

Logos assume meaning from reality. They take meaning from causes... good or bad. And they give meaning to causes... good or bad.

The vitality of a logo comes from effective dissemination... by a company, by a community, by a church, by a corporation.

A logo needs attending to garner attention. It is not a sign of quality, but a sign of THE quality.

A logo is the blending of form and content. The logo for Hostess tastes as good as the treats it stands for.

Logos do not illustrate they indicate, not represent but suggest, and are stated with brevity and wit.

A logo is created by a designer but made by a company.

A logo is an image ...the image of a company.