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Online Handles: A Round-Up

After asking about the origin of online handles, I heard back from a number of folks and loved the stories.

It’s fascinating to see an online name like “Apple Annie”, read the origin story, and see this wonderful, multi-faceted human being with a rich history behind the seemingly-random string of characters on screen.

It makes the internet more human and I love it.

So I wanted to follow up with a collection of what I heard from folks.

First, the two people mentioned in my original post:

A few replies from Mastodon:

Folks who published their stories on their blogs:

  1. When I was a teen in scouting, we always had to introduce our “troop” (a group of scouts) by doing our troop-branded cheer. The other troops always had some cheer about integrity or group spirit — the kind of stuff we thought was lame. So, much to the chagrin of our scout leaders, we always introduced our troop, number 376, to others with this jingle: “Three-seventy-six. Buff-a-lo chips. Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble, [fart/poop sound].”