Following Links

I loved this post from Chris Enns (via Robb Knight) where he outlines the rabbit hole of links he ventured down in writing that post.

It felt fun and familiar, as that’s how my own browsing goes, e.g.

“I saw X and I clicked it. Then I saw Y, so I clicked that. But then I went back, which led me to seeing Z. I clicked on that, which led me to an interesting article which contained a link to this other interesting piece. From there I clicked on…”

Browsing the web via hyperlinks is fun! That’s surfing!

Discovering things via links is way more fun than most algorithmically-driven discovery — in my humble opinion.

As an analogy, it’s kind of like going on vacation to a new place and staying/living amongst the locals vs. staying at a manicured 5-star hotel that gives you no reason to leave. Can you really say you visited the location if you never left the hotel?

I suppose both exist for a reason and can be enjoyed on their own merits. But personally, I think you’re missing out on something if you stay isolated in the walled garden of the 5-star hotel.

Similarly, if you never venture outside a social media platform for creation or consumption — or automated AI browsing and summaries — it’s worth asking what you’re missing.

Have you ever ventured out via links and explored the internet?