People and Blogs and Me

If you haven’t seen it, Manu has a new series called “People and Blogs” centered around a lovely goal:

to both highlight wonderful human beings and their blogs, and also to promote a healthier way to inhabit the web and show that traditional social media is not the be all and end all when it comes to having an internet presence

The format is a standard set of questions across a series of people who run their own personal blogs.

He’s already interviewed a series of people, most of whom I was unfamiliar with, so it’s exciting to discover how much larger the world of RSS is!

His latest interviewee was someone you might be familiar with: yours truly.

My name is Jim Nielsen (not to be confused with Jim Nielsen, the California state senator, who still outranks me on Google).

I talk about my personal history of blogging:

my first blog was on Blogger…It mainly consisted of me posting pictures of ridiculous stuff I’d made in Photoshop — what we might call “memes” and “shitposting” now.

And why I don’t monetize my blog:

I grew up in an era when people blogged about web stuff for free and I benefited immensely from their work so I feel a kind of obligation to pay it forward. Thank you blogger peeps from days of yore.

If you’re not bored of reading about me, check out my entry in the series.

Or, even better, subscribe to the whole series and discover new people to fill your RSS feed.