Verified Personal Website

My blog is Verified (meaning I pay $10/year for the domain).

Max did a funny thing where he verified his personal website. (He also official-ified it, as there appears to be a difference between the two — at least at the time of this writing, who knows that could change…)

Screenshot of `` with a verified and official checkmark in the style of Twitter (circa Nov. 2022).

Putting aside whatever it actually means to verify your own website, I thought it was funny.

And it’s the weekend right now, so I decided: why not give myself the ole’ check mark too? They seem to just be handing them out these days for the right price.

Meme of Bilbo holding the one ring, but instead a Twitter blue checkmark is superimposed on the ring with Bilbo saying: “After all, why not? Why shouldn’t I have a check mark?”

I suppose I pay for my check mark. It’s ten dollars per year. That’s what it costs to own the domain for my website. I also own the content too. Seems like a pretty good deal.

Oh, and my check mark comes in more than just blue. I have a color to match each theme of my website. I can do that because, ya know, it’s my website. Got to get my money’s worth out of that $10/year.

Screenshot of `` with a verified badge in the style of Twitter.

Now I’m just being silly. But hey: it’s my website, I can do that.