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Re: “The web is a harsh manager”, Pt. II

One more thought to add to my previous post.

There seems to be a constant redefinition of the term “front-end”. Because of this, it’s easy to feel hesitant about considering yourself a front-end engineer.

It would be easy to conclude that, since you’re not sure what a “front-end engineer” is — The person who styles the page or queries the data layer? The person who animates things on screen or keeps the bundler and tooling humming along? — you can’t consider yourself a “real” front-end engineer.

Instead, imposter syndrome sets in because you can’t square the ongoing redefinition of the term with your own talents and the work you’ve done.

While you might think you’re an imposter, someone “pretending” to be front-end engineer, just remember this: there’s nothing pretend about a functioning website, especially when it serves the needs of somebody else.