Good Things

Tyler wrote a (good) post recently titled “Good Things”:

Folks in design and technology have a tendency towards negativity...Here’s a non-exhaustive, unordered list of things about my work—maybe yours too—that are good.

Lots of things in there that are good—like really good. Makes me realize how often I take some really good stuff for granted.

Not to get all sentimental and mushy here, but it makes me think about many of people in my life. They’re just there doing the best they can, being good, while I ignore that fact and take them for granted and don’t call out how good they are. I digress.

Tyler recommends:

I encourage you to make your own list of Good Things.

So without, further ado, here’s my non-exhaustive, in no particular order, I wrote this at 11PM at night after putting my kids down, list of Good Things:

I echo Tyler’s concluding thoughts:

There are infinite more things that are good...If you read my list and thought; “Thing X is also good, why isn’t it on your list?”. It’s not that I don’t think thing X is good. It’s either that I; didn’t think of it, or don’t have enough knowledge about it to know it’s good.

As I alluded to, this list is kind of like people to me. It’s easy to say “X thing is bad” or “X person is stupid”, but if I find myself saying those things, it’s probably because I haven’t taken the time to get to know that person or that technology well enough.

No tech is perfect. Tech is made by humans, and humans are flawed. But the flaws are what make them interesting. Some of the traits I love most about the technologies I use are undoubtedly imbued into them by the quirks, talents, and flaws of their context and creators. That’s why I find each uniquely good.

That are a lot of good things about being a web designer.